Journey’s Beginning

All journeys have a beginning. Some journeys even have more than one beginning rolled up into them. This journey, this incredible strange weird fun amazing journey, begins a LONG time ago really. Many years ago, as long as we’re being honest. People have been encouraging me to go to yoga for a very long time. The earliest I can remember is about 8 years ago, but it could be more. I just haven’t really listened or absorbed their words until recently. This Facebook status update really says it all, actually:

Having a harder and harder time looking in the mirror lately, so I just sent a message inquiring about yoga classes. Most of you understand that this terrifies me for a wide variety of reasons. I have a bicycle now, and I think my back will be okay enough in a few days for me to start riding a little bit. Maybe I could ride to classes. I’m scared. I want to cry. Just emailing someone about classes to get fit makes me want to cry. I am visualizing the worst case scenarios and… it’s not a pretty sight. I swear, I am so fucked in the head it’s not even funny. I wish I was sane.

A few days later, I posted this:

Debating trying out a yoga class this afternoon before Third Thursday. If I don’t, I could still try on Saturday morning in the park at a community class. Either way, I’ll be stopping in to the yoga studio at Third Thursday to check it out. I’ll admit, I’m totally chickening out right now which is not what I should be doing. Just trying to figure out the right time for myself.

And the rest became history. I bought a three month membership (on special) and haven’t looked back since. I have WANTED to write more than I have in years, and so this blog’s journey was born as well. I am only going to write when I Want To Write, but that has been happening more and more often lately with yoga changing my entire life, my entire outlook, my entire being.


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