Righteous Headaches

My head hurts. That’s about the only thing I can think of right now. I can’t focus on work, which is a huge problem considering it’s crunch time for a huge project we’re working on that goes live this weekend. I can’t focus on the kids. I can’t even focus on the book I’m reading. All because my head feels like… well, how does my head feel?

My forehead feels like it’s crawling with electrical current that’s shrinking it, peeling it away from my skull. My sinuses feel like they’re congested, but they’re clear as day. My ears, which always have buzzing in them, have an entire nest of angry bees who also happen to be fluorescent lamps. The back of my skull feels like it’s crushing onto my spine like Silo 1 has chosen to blow the charges on me. (Bonus points if you get that reference – if not, I think you can still figure out the gist of what I’m saying.) The bees and their fluorescent lighting are working with the tightening of my forehead (and my forebrain) to launch an attack on my eyeballs.

I have been texting my best friend constantly. She has been gluten free for some time now, but still remembers the withdrawals. “Is dizziness normal? Is this headache normal? Can I shoot my face off without ill effects later?” Apparently the answers vary to those three questions. My blood sugar is likely dipping from not constantly stuffing my face with wheat based carbohydrates. The headache is normal. And for some STUPID reason, neither shooting nor peeling my face off is considered a reasonable solution to these symptoms. I don’t see how this is realistic at all. Face peeling should absolutely be an acceptable response.

I have yoga tonight. I am hoping against hope that it helps me survive how I’m feeling right now. I’ll be sure to snack throughout the afternoon so that I don’t pass out standing up from a forward fold, but beyond that I can make absolutely no guarantees. I know I need the relaxation and the reminder to destress after this week, but I’m scared of what is happening to me.

I hope it doesn’t last forever.


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