Holy. Crap.

When I began this yoga journey, I didn’t realize at the time that my life is so full of win. Just for the fun of it, I feel like doing a quick recap of how awesome my life is and has become, then we’ll get to the meat of the deal…

  • I found the strength to leave an unhealthy relationship (what, I haven’t told you? Oops.)
  • I have regained flexibility and strength I thought was gone forever
  • I have found the energy to actually work on my attitude and self image
  • I have hit a year of not smoking
  • I have gotten my credit from in the 400s to around 650
  • I have found a house I want to put an offer on.

What??? Yep. I’m gonna buy a house! I am so excited right now. To be fair, we’ve been watching houses go on and off the market for over a year now. The first time we wanted to look, we found out that my credit was barely 500 by that point. I was heartbroken, as I had checked my credit with a popular free tool only to find out it was apparently wrong.

So I buckled down, got to work, and now we’re waiting for final prequalification to put an offer in on a house we absolutely love. I don’t want to jinx it, so I’m not telling you about it. But I WILL tell you that I love it, I want it, and I hope to heck that we get it because then I can tell you all about my home improvement projects I am already lining up!

I know that I can’t really blame yoga for the awesomeness that is my life, but I can sure as heck blame yoga for being able to SEE the awesomeness that is my life. Gratitude is so much easier now, and when I am having a crap day it’s not as crap as it was before I discovered gratitude. I understand what my friends have been saying all along much better now.

It’s an awesome feeling, one that brings tears to my eyes on a daily basis lately. I hope that all of you get to experience gratitude of this level regularly. You deserve it.


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